The 27th year

Phew, it's been a long long long time since I've written, but we're getting back at it. I miss my little space, my little cozy nook to write and journal my thoughts, wishes and ramblings. Tomorrow is another day for the world, but for my parents... it is a day for celebration.

Tomorrow I turn a year older and start fresh. While I get to put 26 into a big brown box and wrap a bow around it, I'm not sure as to what color that bow is yet. Or even if that wrapping goes all around that box. What I mean is, 26 was a year of learning, and a big one at that. Learning to trust and trust deep. Learning to love and love fiercely, learning my faults and knowing I'm better than what I think about myself. Knowing I'm worth putting that time into myself and my growth.

So tomorrow, I turn 27 and quite honestly this new year feels different. No other age have I felt different or looked at it separately from the year previous. I feel older and wiser. I feel like 26 was still young and now 27 is that much closer to a new decade. I welcome this new age with open arms, as I do with every year. I welcome the learning, growth and experiences to come with getting older.

While I know I have certain goals and plans for this year, ie. morning person & getting back to running daily, I look forward to seeing where my path takes me. I have been incredibly blessed, with my family and friends, a great place to work, a child that I absolutely adore and him of me, and everything I know I take for granted daily. Although I do not know the color of my 26th bow, I can say I'll put that box in my closet and look back on it with a smile as I close this chapter of my life.

 I'm excited to see what God has in store for my future and the future of my little family. I believe He has given me a very good start to my tribe of souls I want around me and my family. Those souls that strive, push me to another level and believe in me. It is truly a wonderful feeling stepping out of 26 and stepping into my 27th year.


  1. So luckily to know ya! Love ya. Hope your birthday is a great one!

  2. So luckily to know ya! Love ya. Hope your birthday is a great one!


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