Today, I don't want to be mom

So today has been one of those days. A day where I just want to lay in bed all day and not do anything that requires energy. A day where I can wrap up in a blanket and watch movies, only to get up to use bathroom and eat. However I cannot. I am a wife and a mommy, there are chores to be done and a baby to be taken care of.

I know this may sound awful, but I cannot be alone can I? I know that I should not be feeling this way as little j actually slept well last night. He slept from 11PM till 6AM! The first time, in his crib, with nothing but a glow seahorse. Maybe I feel like this because I have not really had a chance to just relax in a long time. Or it could possibly be because my sleep was interrupted by myself checking the monitor every hour to make sure little j was okay. Whatever it is, my daily one cup of coffee has turned into many!

There are a few things I do to shake myself awake and get my butt into gear:

1st I take care of little j, whatever it is that he needs. Diaper change, change of clothes, bottle, play time... whatever it is to settle him down so I can have just a few precious moments to myself. (unless hubby is home, then I still take care of little j first till he wants to play, then big J can take it from there)
2nd I take a hot shower. As hot as I can stand it. Literally, I will walk out of that shower looking like a lobster from the water and the bathroom will be super steamy. (which is great for the pores!)
3rd I change clothes.  Occasionally is jeans and a decent shirt I do not care mind little j spitting up on. (this really only happens when I have to get out of the house) Most days it is just a simple change of comfy clothes, sweatpants and a t-shirt. Because let's get real for a second... there is a lot of spit up some days.
4th (and most importantly), I make a hot cup of joe. Black with two sugars.

Now I'm not saying that this works all the time. Sometimes I need more cups of coffee while other days I need to just listen to music and dance around even if it is just three minutes while little j whines.  I do what I need to so I can be the best mother and wife possible for the day. Still some days are easier than others.

What are some things you do to get your day started when lacking motivation?

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  1. Hey Chicka, Florida is going ok so far, I have a couple interviews coming up this week. I'm teaching private lessons here in Fl. Little J. Is adorable. I can't wait to meet him. Come and visit when you can and when Little J is bigger ! I hope all is well with you and Jason and the family. Catching up sounds like a plan. I miss talking with you.


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