5 things while being a mother

There has been a few things I've learned while being a mother to a little one.

1. Boys are messy. Yes, I do not have a daughter to compare this to... but I have babysat nieces. Even though little j is only 4 months... he is one messy messy boy! (probably why I live my days in old t-shirts!)

2. They pull everything! Little j has pulled more strands out of my hair than I count. Not to forget he loves to pull my shirt down if I'm wearing a scoop neck tee. (no little j, the girls are not out to play!)

3. I wipe someone else's bum than I wipe my own. Yes, TMI I know.. but thus is mother-hood. Who would of thought two years ago I would be a diaper changing queen.

4. This kid eats more than I do! I have to grow him strong and healthy. However Luckily though, little j only eats every four hours.....

5. When he gives me that look, I just melt. I can be having a day battling my PPD (more on that in a later post) then little j gives me that big toothless smile.... it turns around. He's my mommas boy and I'm going to keep him that way (at least until he hits those ugly teen years...but even then).

Are there things you have learned while having little ones or even babysitting?

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